Mysterious Tunguska Explosion of 1908 in Siberia

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Tunguska Explosion

Nikola Tesla holding a gas-filled phosphor-coated light bulb which was illuminated without wires by an electromagnetic field from the “Tesla Coil”.

Many theories have been proposed for the cause of the explosion.  One theory is that Tesla’s experiments with wireless transmission may have inadvertently caused the explosion.

Above: A bright, flaming object coming in from the sky at an angle and then a giant bright blast.


Above:  Landscape after the Tunguska Explosion, 1908, photo from

Did you know that in 1908 in Siberia, one of the most catastrophic, mind-blowing (and mysterious) cosmic impact catastrophes ever in the history of civilization occurred – and yet it wasn’t widely known outside Russia (save for a few astronomy and research scientist enclaves) until around the 1970’s? Even interested research parties didn’t learn about or even set foot on the scene of disaster until 1921. It didn’t make front page news in the papers when it happened because of the extreme remoteness of that region of Siberia. Also at play was the secretive, unsettled nature of Russia at the time (which of course only heightened the many conspiracy theories surrounding it today) (taken from article The Tunguska Explosion of 1908).

The so-called ‘Tunguska Event’ refers to a major explosion that occurred on 30 June 1908 in the Tunguska region of Siberia, causing the destruction of over 2000 km2 of taiga, globally detected pressure and seismic waves, and bright luminescence in the night skies of Europe and Central Asia, combined with other unusual phenomena. The ‘Tunguska Event’ may be related to the impact with the Earth of a cosmic body that exploded about 5–10 km above ground, releasing in the atmosphere 10–15 Mton of energy. Fragments of the impacting body have never been found, and its nature (comet or asteroid) is still a matter of debate.  (from the article “A possible impact crater for the 1908 Tunguska Event”)

Above: Nikola Tesla in his Colorado Laboratory with magnifying transmitter in action, 20 million volts of electricity.

Tesla’s Possible Connection to the Tunguska Explosion, Siberia, 1908
One theory is that Tesla’s experiments with wireless transmission may have inadvertently caused the explosion.

“Nikola Tesla, was testing out some sort of weird, fantasmigorical communication device, or super-scary “energy weapon” or “death ray” and made a big “…oops!” Tesla was known to be working on a sort of wireless torpedo, called an “telautomaton,” which was a remote controlled boat he offered to the U.S. Navy for the purpose of carrying explosives to naval targets. An airborne version of the telautomaton device was under development as well. Some also believe that if there was a Tesla connection, and it was a weapon test… that he may have been pressured into it and then kept quiet. This is of course just heaping extra drama onto a theory already wrought with ridiculousness. Even though the 1908 time frame does match up for Tesla working on such devices, for him to be testing out such inventions in such an apocalyptic manner is quite a stretch, not to mention he was nowhere near the area at the time. Even funnier: the theory that Tesla inadvertently caused the massive explosion when he was trying to get the attention of an explorer friend in the area. Tesla was always fascinated with the concept of wireless propagation, and he was known to work on “projected wave energy” processes that could create microscopic, invisible particles of concentrated energy that could be beamed great distances… often resulting in electric fireballs, spherical plasmoids, or ball lightning. Why not use it to get someone’s attention who’s not near a telegram service? Of course this falls into the “secret weapons test” category as well. The theory that he was using it to try and get the attention of a friend halfway around the world is hilarious, but adsurd: *K-A-B-O-O-O-M!!!* —“Albert… this is Nikola, please call me.”  To some New York Times articles where Nikola speaks of such devices, which date from 1907, 1908 and 1915″

“Tesla said his transmitter could produce 100 million volts of pressure and currents up to 1000 amperes, with experimental power levels of billion or tens of billions of watts. If that amount of power were released in “an incomparably small interval of time,” the energy would be equal to the explosion of millions of tons of TNT, that is, a multi-megaton explosion. Such a transmitter would be capable of projecting the force of a nuclear warhead by radio. Any location in the world could be vaporized at the speed of light.”

Above: Wardenclyffe Tower in Shoreham, Long Island, New York, with electrical sparks.  Tesla built this tower to transfer electricity without wires to electrify the entire earth and to be the first broadcasting system in the world.

Tesla Tower in Shoreham Long Island (1901 – 1917) meant to be the “World Wireless” Broadcasting system

Above: The Famous Tesla Tower erected in Shoreham, Long Island, New York was 187 feet high, the spherical top was 68 feet in diameter.  The Tower, which was to be used by Nikola Tesla is his “World Wireless” was never finished.

Above: Wardenclyffe Tower, Tesla’s Idea about electrical control of rain falls.

Above: Group Photo from a visit to Tesla Tower, June 10, 1990 demanding the proclamation of Wardenclyffe Tower Site as a National landmark.  From left to right: Melvin Drossman, Boris Mardesic (with sun glasses), Peggy McKinnon Clark, Dr. Dushan Kosovic, Dr. Mariza Pezzulic, Dr. Ljubo Vujovic (organizer of the meeting), Slavka Bulajic, Mrs. Hochbruckner, Congressmen George Hochbruckner, William Terbo, Dr. David Dasic (Consul General of Yugoslavia)  and Dragoslav Pejic (Ambassador of Yugoslavia to United Nations).

Above: Tesla’s Idea how to light up the ocean with high frequency electricity being transmitted thought the Ionosphere.

Above: Photograph of a model of Tesla Tower in action, shows how the Tower would have looked if it was complete

Above: The tragedy of Tesla in Wardenclyffe, the tower was dismantled on July 4, 1917.  It was dynamited and razed by the mortgage holder, the proprietor of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.

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