YES, TRAVELING TROUGHT TIME IS POSSIBLE: Tesla and Einstein were part of the mysterious “PROJECT OF DUGA” that proves this!

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YES, TRAVELING TROUGHT TIME IS POSSIBLE: Tesla and Einstein were part of the mysterious “PROJECT OF DUGA” that proves this!

his experiment that was played near the Philadelphia dwarves went wrong at one point, and many of its participants subsequently deny that anything strange happened.

Tesla and Einstein were part of the mysterious

Recently, a naval team from Washington has come out to the public with an ephemeral discovery – the gravitational waves discovered by Albert Einstein have been hypothesized one hundred years ago.


A team of scientists from the LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) team saw the “twist” of space and time due to the collision of two black holes. These black holes rounded one around the other and then collided in the spiral path. Thalasses were the result of black hole crashes that were 30 times more massive than our Sun, at a distance of 1.3 billion light years from Earth.


In fact, it is the theory of relativity that Einstein formulated in 1905, under which it meant the space and time of the absolute category, which meant that the journey through space and time was indeed possible!

Foto: Wikiepdia/Tat1642

However, until today’s journey through time and space has never been proven, but there are a number of theories of confusion that tell that this has been so much in the past.

One of these theories, and certainly the most famous one, is the disappearance of the ship “Eldridž”. It was a secret US Navy experiment known as the “Philadelphia Project” or “The Long Term Project”.


As theoreticians of confusion over decades recount, the most famous Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla participated in it!

An experiment near the Philadelphia docks in the United States went wrong at one point, and many of its participants denied it after anything strange.

Foto: Arhivska fotografija

The essence of the experiment was to create an electromagnetic field that the participants of this project wanted to create around the “Eldridž” ship to be invisible to enemy radars.

However, everything went wrong when on October 28, 1943, during the experiment, the ship completely disappeared and appeared at the naval base in Norfolk, which was 600 miles away from Philadelphia, then disappeared again and appeared in Philadelphia. The advocates of this theory have suggested that they are about casual teleportation.

Foto: Marko Todorović

According to unconfirmed allegations, almost all the crew members have been difficult to break. Some of the schizophrenia, and some of the other mental illnesses, some have disappeared and have never been found. Five of them were found to be connected to the metal of the ship, and the remaining surviving crew members were fired from the service. They are “flushed brains” to forget about the failure of the event.

One of the main actors of this greatest experiment of the 20th century was precisely our Nikola Tesla who did all the necessary calculations, sketches and generators that were used for this project.

Foto: Arhivska fotografija

It has never been known how much Tesla’s role was in all of this, as it passed away just before the experiment began.

Many of his deaths associate precisely with that experiment and believe he did not die of natural death, but was killed because he left the job on the project knowing what the consequences could have, even tried to sabotage him.

He was also opposed to participating in the experiment, and he also talked that his adviser in that experiment was Einstein, who at that time made the most of the withdrawal from science.

After the death of Tesla, the FBI dropped into his apartment and stole all the possible documents and records that accidentally someone would not come to trustworthy information.

Nikola Tesla died on January 7, two months before the “Philadelphia Project” began with testing.

Foto: arhivska fotografija /

About the Philadelphian experiment, many documentary films and numerous books have been recorded. Of course, the most famous one was written by Al Bielek, who in his piece stated that he himself was one of the crew members who were on board when he disappeared in space and time.


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