Tokyo and Washington account for four scenarios of the outbreak of the Great Korean War

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The Japanese government, Kyodo news agency reported – “is studying the outbreak of the Great War on the Korean Peninsula”

The agency thinks debates and “drafting variants” are being held within the Japanese National Security Council and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is also involved in these discussions.

The emphasis is, of course, on what Japan should do in the event of a wartime conflict.

Kyodo points out that in the case of a new war on the Korean Peninsula, Japan will receive military aid from the United States.

The Japanese government – according to Kyodou, has several scenarios of “large scale war” in designs and forensics.

The agency states that the Americans believe that the new Korean War may break out of the armed conflict between the two armies of Korea, the US strike by North Korea, the invasion of the South Korean army in North Korea and the missile strike of Pyongyang in Japan.

This, in all likelihood, is also the old and official Tokyo. Despite North Korea announcing, at the beginning of the peace talks, that all his ballistic missiles with atomic and hydrogen bombs aimed at the United States.

North Korea does not hide that it wants the nuclear power that the Americans and their allies would finally give up in peace.

That is why her diplomacy, the anti-Chinese sanctions, called openly “war action” in the fall.

In Washington and Donald Tramp and all around him – he constantly fears the Pyongyang military intervention.

Russia and China have publicly proposed Kim Jong-un to declare a moratorium on missile and nuclear tests, and South Korea and the US to refrain from military maneuvers near the North Korean border.

Washington merely agreed to support termination of military exercises during the Winter Olympics, which will soon begin in South Korea.


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