Tesla’s strongest weapon against the flu

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“Tesla absolutely never went to a doctor. He treated himself with a high-frequency transformer that made such currents that can pass through the tissue “

Nikola Tesla first recognized the importance of physical and natural health for health and developed electrotherapeutic devices.

The invisible wave of waves, which blow us every second, has its quiet streams – high frequency and low power waves, then “pastel currents” – a visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum, but also dangerous orchestral currents – radiation of very small frequency of devastating power.

Every moment, all these waves break and collide around the man and in it. Tesla’s understanding of medicine was based on regenerative therapy.

“Tesla absolutely never went to a doctor. He treated himself with a high-frequency transformer that made such currents that could go through the tissues, “explains Tessin’s expert Velimir Abramovic.

He speaks that the current is only going to surface.

“In the Tesla patent, the modulated field had features that deactivated viruses. Viruses are actually small crystals that do not have the power of self-production but must enter the cell resonance, so they can inject their contents into it. Then via the DNA they send the reproduction information. And all this is directly conditioned by electromagnetic fields “.

Tesla first observed (1890) that electromagnetic balance in cells is a basic precondition for a healthy, normal life. This Tesla’s setting was confirmed by the German engineer and physicist Robert Endros, who in the series of experiments determined that the internal power allows the station to work at its own pace.

When it reaches intensity waves that are stronger or weaker than it, they break the natural rhythm, or balance (by the principle of resonance), and it speeds up or slows down its work, begins to break into work, it dies, or uncontrollably divides the causative cancer.
Electricity and electricity, how much I can use a man, can get away with it so much. It was for medical purposes during 1891/1892. design of several high frequency electrical appliances.
What we call viral incubation is the moment when viruses, tiny crystals in the inactive state, lightly enter the resonance with our central nervous system.
“If the third field is asynchronized, viruses can not work. And Tesla made such devices in 1901. And such a patent exists for mitosis of bacteria, that is, for the division of bacteria that have cycles. “
If it is accurate, say every two hours with this apparatus, the bacteria will simply not be reproduced and the antibodies will neutralize that small number of bacteria very quickly.

The first oscillators were bulky and steam powered, and remarkable success was achieved when Tesla made a portable miniature oscillator popularly called “Mini Tesla” or “Pocket Tesla”.

Treating currents has long been very effective in treating primarily spleen, rheumatoid arthritis, but also for strengthening the body and mental healing.

Tesla’s medicine today is only applied in the basic form, through magnetic fields and high frequency currents.

Magnetic fields allow the bodies to be renewed in a specific way, since electricity is the basis of all structures. High-fidelity currents are able to stop bacterial diffusion and thus create conditions for the immune system to successfully defend the organism.



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