Stephen Paddock: Las Vegas massacre

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Las Vegas attack happened on 2nd Oct this year. 59 people were killed and more of 500 people were injured. Police also found and 22 pieces of firearms, explosives and several thousand bullets in the home of the assassin, Stephen Paddock, in Meskit in Nevada.


Here is 5 unclear incidents which should be solved.

1.Stephen Paddock didn’t have murder profile

Perhaps this is the most obvious of all inconsistencies that have all psychopathic traits of mass murderers in recent history who made the previous moves before the killing. Paddock didn’t have any of it.

The weirdest fact is that Paddock was rich. He was accountant, lived in house from half a million dollars house in a retirement place and did not have criminal file.

Paddock’s brother, Eric Paddock, was astonished when he heard about what his brother had done since he’d just talked to him. “We are still completely confused. Without words, ” –he said.

He described his brother as a man who “has no history of violence. There is no history in anything that is related to politics, religion, conspiracy theories etc. He just wanted to get royal flush (in poker). “

Eric said that he has spoken for the last time with his brother when he called in Florida to see his mother after Hurricane Irma. How many mass murderers are calling to check their mothers before killing dozens of innocent people?

Stephen Paddock

Stephen Paddock

2.Paddock continued to play poker with his girlfriend in casino at night of the murder

Eric said “my brother loved to gamble and that that was job for him. It was fun, people were kind to him.”
Paddock was a regular visitor to Vegas. He was even caught up in the 2011 Cosmopolitan Casino’s
supervisory chambers on which he was shot down how he falls. He later tried to sue the hotel for injury.
Before the mass murder, Paddock was at the Mandalay Bay casino for four days and did nothing unusual for the attention of hotel insurance.

He just gambled. Although it is possible that he simply wanted to fit into his plan and environment and wait for a moment to attack, the fact that he used his girlfriend’s card for the car seems completely unusual.

*For those who do not know, gambling card is the way the casino follows loyal customers. When you score enough points, the casino will give you a room or a meal. Paddock played this card the night when he opened fire on 22,000 people.

3.Surveillance footage of Paddock inside the hotel will be released soon

In most mass murders, we usually see at least a photo of the perpetrator by the surveillance camera in the facility within 24 hours. In Paddock’s case, after a couple of days, no footage has been released to the public.

Why did not they just post a picture of Paddock walking in the lobby of the hotel?

4.No one of the employees at the hotel saw Paddock bringing hundreds of kilo guns and ammunition to the room
The original report showed that Paddock had somewhere about a dozen firearms in his hotel room after being shot by SWAT. However, Tuesday’s reports say the authorities have listed incredible 23 pieces of weapons.
The police pointed out that only one piece of that weapon was a gun, meaning that 22 pieces of weapons were a variety of rifles or machine guns.
He brought “more than 10” boxes to the apartment within more than a few days, said sheriff Joe Lombardo. Still, no one thought it was suspicious?

Head of Hotel, Dina Titus told CNN that “they did not see any suspicious actions. Paddock had a “well-hidden” arsenal”

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5. If Paddock worked alone, who is the secret woman who warned that everyone would die at the concert 45 minutes before the shooting?
Media houses have released an interview in which one of the eyewitnesses threw down the local NBC TV station that the woman was warning the attack 45 minutes before the shooting.

The witness claims to have seen a woman push her in the first ranks at the concert about 45 minutes before the massacre and threatens to soon be dead.

Although all these questions and inconsistencies could soon be answered by the authorities, no major media house asks such questions. The question is why?

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