Sleep Paralysis-Boogie Man

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If you have ever been immobilized while you were sleeping, you just experienced a sleep paralysis.

But, in sleep paralysis apart from immobilization, you can feel someones presents or somethings that is full with evil which is easy for human to detect it, and knows that it is not Santa Claus or tooth fairy and that is not your imagination.

So I know, you tried to tell someone about your experience, but they didn’t understand you cause they hadn’t that experience with something like that and even the experts can’t explain it. And all is because you have experienced another kind of human. But not only the men is the worst of evil. Lions kill Lions, fish kills fish… from ants to giants all creatures have evil intentions.

Some of these creatures, in the middle of the night, entered their presents in lesser humanoid creatures and interact them against their will or paralyze the victim like spiders holds and paralyze it’s unsuspecting prey.

There are some life forms that use humans as hosts; they inject parasites of various emotions and bio memories into the human only to be harvested or mentally retrieved years later.

This mind harvesting has been occurring for centuries. There is nothing humans can do to prevent this; no more than a fly can escape the spiders web or a fish unhook itself.

He that sits atop high and looking down… remains master to those upon whom he gaze. Lesser forms of life do not know other life forms exists.- ThirdSon and the River’s Sky

Startled Awake Night Sleep Paralysis – Medical Experts Are Wrong.

Is there any reason to doubt what the doctors have told you? There are lots of individuals that have experienced paralysis from various accidents, auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, trip and falls, yet of all these thousands of incidents of paralysis, none of these accidented persons have described a feeling of a very scary evil presents standing nearby.

Of all the chemical induced sedation and paralysis that occur during medical operations and dentist extractions, not one person has expressed that they experienced a feeling of the presents of an evil person standing in the room.

Sleep Paralysis Hallucinations Or Reality?

Is there possibly any truth to what I’m sharing? What about statistically speaking, all over the world total strangers have described the exact same experience, frightened awake, they describe an evil presents of a humanoid shaped figure standing near and always accompanied with a strange episode of sleep paralysis.

Night Terror – Sleep Paralysis Dispels Imagination

No one has hallucinated and described a giant frog or a vampire standing next to their bed. Isn’t that strange? All of these thousands of unrelated persons from thousands of different locations experience an identical sensation of a sleep paralysis that is accompanied with the exact same super evil humanoid creature?

You are gifted if you can feel the emotions of this malevolent life form and double gifted if you can see beyond the normal light spectrum of visible light and actually can see these night paralysis creatures.

What you have both felt and seen are real. However, one endowed fish cannot convince a non-endowed fish that their are humanoids that actually survive and live above on land and can breath above the surface of water.

Night Sleep Paralysis -We Do Not Sleep Alone and Never Have

With great apprehension I tell another narrative, a story like you have by no means heard. I will enlighten exactly what some always suspected is true. What truth? We have by no means been alone. Additional, I definitely will induce to question your reality as blind men have taught you for centuries.

But, no matter what unfolds following you read my account, if for the very first time an invisible intruder enter your own room and you are startled awake from sleep, mysteriously paralyzed with an invisible hostile being standing at your bedside…

…With urgency I say “remember the daystar.”

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