The Secrets of the Bermuda Triangle

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Bermuda Triangle

There are no planes, ships disappear, people are disappearing, actually the whole crew … What’s happening in the Bermuda Triangle?

There are various speculations about strange events in this area, but we still can not explain how these disappearances of people and things happen, where they disappear …

What is the Bermuda Triangle? The Bermuda Triangle is the name for the marine triangle between Bermuda, Florida and the islet of Puerto Rico in the Atlantic Ocean. It covers 1,140m2 in which allegedly very strange and unexplainable things happen. Ever since the 15th century, people, ships and aircraft have disappeared, and wrecks have never been found.

The testimonies of many people speak of the strange lights that were seen above the area, and it was also talked about the possible interconnection of extraterrestrial aircraft and their abductions carried out in that area. The second theory encompasses natural inexplicable forces that occur from time to time in that area and create a hole in the sky that entails everything that is found on its way.

Another theory is about the time hole that is being created and throws aircraft or ships into the past or the future. The following theory suggests that in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle there is a lost city of Atlantis. But, of course, there are also theories that try to explain the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle in a more realistic way, and for the disappearance of ships and aircraft “accuse” strong marine currents, some magnetic forces that strangely affect compasses and navigation devices, etc ..

But is it not surprising that if, indeed, the reason for the disappearance of the ship from this area is just a strong current or force that has shifted the boat from its course, that ship was not found somewhere further? That no ship or aircraft that had disappeared in the area had ever been found and that the crew did not tell them what happened to them so that the mysterious case of the Bermuda Triangle was resolved?

Interestingly, in 1918, disappeared one of the largest ships of that time USS Cyclops, 154 meters long, weighing 14,500 tons. It’s not exactly a tiny boat to lose. So in 1963. Marine Sulfur Queen tanker with 39 crew members disappeared.

Probably one of the most mysterious disappearances happened in 1945. when several of the most advanced military aircraft of TBM Avenger disappeared with 14 crew members, the so-called flight 19. And it’s interesting that one of the planes that was involved in the search for planes from 19 years disappeared.

More than 8,000 people are believed to have died in the Bermuda Triangle. It’s not a very small number. But there are also cases that have not ended so tragically. The National Airlines 727 passenger plane disappeared 10 minutes from the radar at Miami International Airport. When the plane landed, the passengers said they did not remember anything unusual except that they were flying in a strange nebula. It is interesting, however, that all the clocks on the plane were delayed for 10 minutes.

At the other end of the world, more precisely along the eastern coast of Japan, there is the “devil’s sea”, also known for mysterious disappearances, and magnetic characteristics as well as the Bermuda Triangle. It implies the view that perhaps there is a natural force responsible for various accidents, but insufficiently explored. And along with unlimited human imagination, it’s possible to get really incredible explanations of the mystery. But who knows, perhaps the Bermuda Triangle offers not only one force as an explanation, but the answer lies in the web of various phenomena that together make something fascinating. What is your opinion?





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