The Pentagon announced a contest for a program that will hunt down what is written on social networks

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The American military top is trying to create a special computer program that could “spy” what is written on social networks and analyze the collected “material”

And that – in several different languages.

The Pentagon has already announced a contest for this project, with precise requirements and job-seeking requirements.

The terms of the competition are already on the official website of the US Department of Defense.

The basic requirement is: “The program must provide translation into English and audio messages from social networks. The translation program must contain these languages: Arabic, Korean, Russian, Urdu, Urdu, Persian, and French.

The Pentagon has also set the condition for the program to be able to analyze and categorize the use of social networks for listening and intercepting conversations, writing differences (in the languages ​​listed), using slogans and symbols, and “automatically assess whether social network disclosure” negative, neutral or positive. ”

The Pentagon is actually looking for a company that will be able to develop artificial intelligence that will be able to perform the task in the most popular social networks that use the specified languages.

From the future program, an automatic and independent assessment of “whether to influence a certain group of people” is actually required. In other words, which category of people is inclined to accept certain influences.

The Pentagon does not hide at all that its new program will serve to “combine” social networks in the world.

Therefore they will have to “hunt” and grammatical finesse, sentences and phrases, “understand” and abbreviations and pictograms. Even understand the slang in all countries.


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