On the verge of paranormal: Clocks and radios are not working in the ghost zone

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This region was actually flooded with water and a large number of meteors crashed here

The area on the 27th north parallel joins very significant and famous places – the Bermuda Triangle, the Pyramids of Gaiti and the Himalayas.

They are often referred to as the “silence zone,” a mysterious place on the planet that stops functioning of watches and radios, and is indeed one of the most anomalous areas on the planet, Ancient Code says.

The astonishing ‘alien desert’ lies at 2000 meters above sea level and is more mysterious than it is, the scientists do not have much logical explanations.

In the midst of anything, the mysterious iron obelisk, about three meters high, stands alone, pointing to an enigmatic region located on the same line, connecting it with other places full of anomalies and famous Egyptian pyramids. Although the area was visited by scientists of various specialties, they only discovered things they can not explain.

In certain places parts of the clocks do not work, compasses do not show north, and radio devices only announce silence.

The name “silence zone” did not get due to the lack of sound, but because of the phenomenon where radio waves can not properly distribute. To communicate with the radio you have to have a lot of luck, or be in a strictly specific area, but even then communication does not last long.

Although this area is considered a focal point of the paranormal, people actually live there. In the zone of silence there are several houses with plenty of mutual distance. What is even more interesting is that these stone houses do not contain iron or any other metal material, yet they are magnetic in nature and attract magnets.

Some believe that this is all because of the high iron concentration in the area. Long ago, this region was actually flooded with water and a large number of meteorites fell down here.

This phenomenon was investigated by a scientific team from the city of Torreon and found that anomalies are caused by the existence of a magnetic cone that causes ionization in an atmosphere that blocks the transmission of radio waves.

Since the 19th century there has been a large number of reports of meteorite crashes, as well as the appearance of mysterious lights, which is why the conspiracy theorists call it UFO vortex, or possible locations where aliens have their underground bases, Ancient Code writes.


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