A number of Nikola Tesla Conspiracy Theories

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An introduction to Nikola Tesla


Nikola Tesla

Nicola Tesla was a Serbian inventor, engineer and physicist. It is arguable that there are more conspiracy theories linked to Nicola Tesla than anyone else in history. The claims have grown with time and most are exaggerated. Tesla is best known for his invention of Alternating Current (“AC”). He worked with Thomas Edison in 1884 before striking out on his own. It is becoming generally accepted that Edison was financially tight with business associates and that he kept reneging on agreements with Tesla. This forced Tesla to partner with two businessmen and formed Tesla Electric Light & Manufacturing. Over 300 patents were attributed to Tesla in his lifetime in over 25 countries. Many of his patents were for futuristic and far-reaching concepts.

He was also hired by George Westinghouse for a short time in a consultancy capacity. His AC fought against Thomas Edison’s Direct Current(“DC”) in what became known as

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison

the “War of Currents”. There were many legal battles involving patents over technology, and many large Corporations took an interest. Tesla was a futurist and his fans today proclaim that his work was instrumental to all modern technology. He was the first to propose wireless communication, x-rays and radio remote control. Tesla would live most of his life in New York Hotels and used the money he earned from his patents to finance his own projects. Tesla did not have time to act on his many ideas. Some of his research did not fit into the early 20th century, so he contented himself with publishing his ideas without a patent, including solar panels, a rocket engine design, an ultra high vacuum and directed beams. Other ideas were simply written down with no intent to patent or publish. Some of his wilder theories were said to touch upon time travel, invisibility, antigravity and free energy.

B. A. Behrend, distinguished author and engineer:

“Were we to seize and to eliminate the results of Mr. Tesla’s work, the wheels of industry would cease to turn, our electric cars and trains would stop, our towns would be dark, our mills would be dead and idle.”

Nikola Tesla Core Conspiracy – Free Energy

Free Energy is at the heart of Tesla conspiracies and features on most of the more far-flung conspiracy theories. As the theory goes, “The Powers That Be” are opposed to free energy at all costs. Free energy would result in the empowerment of the individual. Because everything is related to energy. If energy were free, there would be no more electric or oil bills. Devices would be manufactured which completed much manual labor. And this fee energy could be applied to diseases of the mind and body. Thus everyone would be richer, not tied down to corporate jobs and debt, and as such would engage in positive processes which would be relaxing, empowering and rejuvenating. Thus “The Powers That Be” are alleged to have systematically suppressed all devices which purport to not only suggest free energy but those which improve on the efficiency of existing models, such as the mileage in car engines. Tesla is said to have discovered free energy, but his works were suppressed during his lifetime and stolen after his death.


Wardenclyffe Tower, Tesla Tower

Wardenclyffe Tower, Tesla Tower

The free energy conspiracy is linked to the Wardenclyffe Tower/Tesla tower. This tower was initially built by Tesla to compete with Marconi’s radio based telegraph system, to transmit messages across the Atlantic to England. It is contended by theorists that the backers of the Tesla Tower project, withdrew funding as this tower would have been able to produce limitless and free power worldwide. Tesla had planned to transmit power as well as communication initially. Tesla was warned that no more than $150,000 would be used to fund the project by J.P. Morgan (The individual, not the bank). In the meantime, Marconi had already succeeded in transmitting a letter across the Atlantic. Tesla then proceeded to explain to J.P Morgan that he needed more funding for a different aim than that initially given to J.P. Morgan – he now wanted additional funding to investigate if he could send power in addition to communication. Morgan had already told Tesla he did not want to spend more than $150,000 and Tesla did not reveal to him initially that he was also intending to investigate whether power could be transmitted. This theory is often summarized that Morgan did not want citizens receiving free electricity, radio and television and sold the Tesla Tower for scrap when he heard. This is not the case and a gross and inaccurate oversimplification. It is also contended that the belief that transmission of power = free energy is blown completely out of context and is simply not the way the facility was designed. Much of Tesla’s life was about providing free energy to the masses via wireless waves with no wires or ground infrastructure.

The patents that Tesla had for free energy are also said by scientists to be completely overblown and taken out of context by free energy conspiracy theorists. Tesla’s patent for radiant energy is said to be no more than a patent on electromagnetic energy – Essentially his devices would be no more of a free energy device than a solar panel, which converts one form of energy to another. Theorists content that Tesla had plans to tap energy from another dimension or from the “ether” which was of a limitless supply. However, on the investigation into Tesla’s devices and patents, they are energy conversion devices from already known energy supplies. Of course, his theories may have laid the foundations to what we already have including x-rays, wireless communications and alternating currents, which are marvelous inventions and are quite efficient. However, they do not constitute “free” energy, which means that one unit of energy in would result in two or more units of energy out. Many scientists contend that Tesla’s works are brilliant enough as they are and there is no need to insert any conspiracy to make them seem more interesting.

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