Nikola Tesla constructed the car on cosmic energy in 1931

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Nikola Tesla constructed the car on cosmic energy in 1931

The specially designed receiver Tesla has succeeded in transforming the energy of the stranded particles into the ionosphere into an electric power that triggered a car that developed a speed of incredible 190 kilometers per hour.
Nikola Tesla

Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla claimed that it was possible to transmit energy remotely without cables being used, and the experiments he performed proved to be successful. He managed to use the existing cosmic energy from the ionosphere and started a car without engines.
This happened all the way back in 1931, and its discovery is today one of the most secure secrets in the world.

Nikola Tesla

The specially designed receiver Tesla has succeeded in transforming the energy of the particulate particles into the chamber by the charged vortex of the ionosphere into the electric energy that the car has started.

In order to accomplish what he intended, Tesla brought with him to his cousin Petra Sava to be a car driver.

The experiments were carried out in Buffalo, and the car “pierce arrow” was the most luxurious of the time.
Nikola Tesla
It contained an electric motor of about 1 meter in length and about 60 centimeters in length, and from it led two thick cables, connected to the front dashboard. A storage for 12 Volt batteries was added.

The maximum speed of the rotor was 30 revolutions per second with a traction of 80 horsepower, and there was an antenna tube high 1.8 meters in the back of the car.

The greatest scientist of all time sat on the passenger seat and began to adjust the energy receiver on the dashboard, which was larger than the short-lived ordinary radio. There were 12 special tubes that Tesla took with him in a small box in the shape of a suitcase.

Nikola Tesla

He made this receiver in the hotel room, and unusual pipes were exactly pulled into their beds when he placed them.

At the moment when he pushed two pipes, he knew that he had electricity at that time and could turn the contact key. Savo did this, but no sound was heard, however, as soon as he pressed the gas, the car started and during the entire drive the engine was not heard.

It is not known how long they crossed, but in eight days they did not pour fuel. The speed they reached was incredible from 140 to 190 kilometers per hour.

Nikola Tesla

On the eighth day they stopped at an old farm, 32 kilometers from Buffalo, and they left the car in one barn, and Tesla took his 12 pipes from the receiver and the key to the launch.

Otherwise, during their drive through the suburbs, Tesla did not want to answer Petrova’s questions. Only when they were away from the city told his cousin that the driving power of the car was related to “the mysterious radiation coming from the ether and that the energy is available in unlimited quantities.”

Nikola Tesla

Savo recalled that he “does not know where she comes from, but that mankind should be grateful for its existence”. A small vehicle on the passenger side obviously received this mysterious energy.

Tesla managed to take advantage of the cosmic energy to start a car and that this invention has come to life, today they would have a completely different picture of the world because oil, gas and other energy would not have their purpose.

The pollution of the entire planet would be minimal, as there would be no exhaust gases, and noise levels in cities would be incomparably smaller, while Arab sheiks would be poor.


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