Mobb Deep Rapper Prodigy was Murdered by Elite

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The coroner’s verdict for the death of hip hop legend Prodigy has finally confirmed that he was murdered as a result of “choking”, which contradicts the mainstream media’s cover-up attempts at suggesting he died of a long-term illness.

The 42-year-old Mobb Deep rapper died suddenly in June this year shortly after he attempted to expose an Elite pedophile ring and Illuminati child sex rituals.

Prodigy, real name Albert Johnson, died on June 20th after he was hospitalized whilst performing in the Art of Rap Tour in Las Vegas.

He was being treated in hospital for sickle cell anemia — which he’d battled his entire life, and had flared up immediately following a performance in severe Las Vegas heat.

The Clark County Medical Examiner has made the determination after completing its investigation into Prodigy’s June 20 death.

As TMZ first reported, he was in a Las Vegas hospital when he choked on an egg. Prodigy and Mobb Deep were well known for their outspoken views on the Illuminati and ruling Elites, and many believe that it was Prodigy that actually triggered Hip-hop’s obsession with the secret society believed to secretly control the world.

Some have pointed to Prodigy’s solo song, titled “Illuminati,” from his 2008 album H.N.I.C. Part 2, as that point in time where he first made his views on the Illuminati public.

From prison in 2007, not long before the release of H.N.I.C. Part 2, Prodigy wrote and published an “open letter” to Jay-Z in which he made some cryptic allegations of his connections to the secretive organization.

In 2014, Prodigy attempted to expose an Elite child trafficking network that was selling children to be used in “Voodoo child sex rituals” for “pedophile sex tourists”, saying: “i told y’all mf’s they doing sex rituals on kids. smh. dumb ass people need to wake tf up!!”

He posted the message on his official Twitter account along with a link to an article exposing the sexual abuse of children with an image of young boys being used in a satanic ritual.

During an interview with VIBE, Prodigy revealed how the Elite are interlinked with child sex trafficking: “Missing children – for years children have been disappearing at an alarming rate.

We’ve all seen them on the back of milk cartons and the news, but since around 1999, feds magazine has been dedicating 2 pages of every issue to missing children. Millions of children are missing and nobody seems to be stressing the question to why.

Where are all these children going? How can you have so many missing children and not have it declared a national emergency?

I can tell you what’s going on here, but the answer is very disturbing and downright disgusting: These ‘elite’ group of people that you keep hearing me speak of are broken down into several groups with smaller fractions.

They’re the secret societies of the world. People I’m sorry to say but 95% of these millions of missing children are being used as a part of these elite societies demonic and satanic rituals.

They are being sexually molested because in these in these satanic rituals when they molest a child they’re conjuring up a negative energy.

They call this energy ‘Satan’ or ‘the devil.’ Satan or the devil is not a person, it’s simply a negative energy that can completely take over a person’s body, mind & soul.

The picture and image that we all have known of the devil with an all red body and horns, tail plus pitchfork is just an artist rendition of this very same energy.

Not only are these missing children being used as sexual tools in Satanic worship, but they’re also being eaten as a part of these very same rituals.

A lot of people don’t realize that cannibalism is a part of Satanic worship, and is a part of the rituals that take place.

Children are being strategically kidnapped and used in these satanic ceremonies. These people are also sick but in a whole other way.”




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