Nearly three months after the massacre at a concert in Las Vegas, police are silent

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Casinos in Las Vegas are undoubtedly the most intense surveillance sites on earth, surprisingly, no photo or video of mass murderer Stephan Paddock came to the public

Strangely, almost three months after the deadliest mass shootings in recent US history, authorities have still not announced the motive of the massacre nor officially released a picture of alleged shooter Stephan Paddock in Las Vegas before the incident.

What’s strange in these facts is that Las Vegas undoubtedly is one of the most intense surveillance sites on the planet. It is a strange fact that after the massacre there was no footage of the Paddock photograph at Mandalay Bay Hotel, which seems extremely suspicious.

Just this week, the California Coroner’s Office confirmed that Paddock had died of a plagued wound on his own head. Likewise, due to their deafening silence on this issue, only the authorities have announced that the motif probably will not be released until October next year – a full year after the shooting took place.

“It’s a lot of time for some people, but for the FBI, that’s the speed of light, is not it?” Said special agent Aaron Rouse for the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Wednesday.

Rouse said that research reports from other agencies would be published at different times.

According to Fox News:

Rouse told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the FBI interviewed around 400 people around the world about Paddock and hired a fairly large number of experts to help them investigate.

He added that the FBI investigators had 22,000 hours of surveillance cameras and 250,000 photos of mobile phones, in the amount of about 40 terabytes of data.

“We will have, I think, the best digital proof of what happened and where it happened and how it happened,” Agent Rouse said.

Given the public’s thirst for incident information and the many conspiracy theories surrounding it – it is strange that there was no greater transparency in the investigation, Thefreethoughtproject writes.

The little information released by the investigator shows that Stephen Paddock (64), who apparently was independent in the implementation of his plan, opened fire at a music festival from the 32nd floor of a hotel room at the Mandalay Bay Casino Hotel.

The massacre left 58 dead and 546 injured, and almost three months later, thousands of responses are missing – even on the most basic issues.

It is a strange fact that the subject was dropped from the 24/7 mainstream media cycle, despite the fact that most of the basic questions remained unanswered.


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