The last photo of Adolf Hitler before leaving in Argentina

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Shortly before committing suicide in his bunker, Hitler came out with one of the SS commanders to look at the damage caused by bombardment around the bunker

This is the last time that Hitler was shot on a single photograph, at least of all the ones he knows so far.

On April 30, 1945, Hitler was told that Berlin fell into the hands of the allies and that the Third Reich, after 12 years, would most likely be destroyed.

Hitler was soon married to longtime mistress Eva Braun, and on the same day, his secretary Traudl Junge, at four o’clock in the afternoon, dictated his will and brief political speech for the party members and the German people before committing suicide with Eve – he shot her in the head, and Eve swallowed cyanide.

Of course, this is a version of the historical events that the winners have written.

There is, of course, another version of the event.

Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun fled from Berlin on April 28, 1945. In the bunker they were replaced by two men. They were living in Patagonia with two daughters until they died.

But there is no physical evidence that Hitler and Eva Braun died in the bunker. At the time of their death there were no witnesses, and the famous part of the Führer skull, which had been kept in Moscow for decades, was finally subjected to DNA analysis in 2009. The analysis showed that the skull belongs to an unknown woman, aged between 20 and 40, who is not Eva Braun.

The conspiracy theories about Hitler’s death emerged just after the Second World War. The first book on this subject was written already in 1953. Mostly, they always talked about how Hitler and Eve fled to South America where they lived and had children. In the latest book of such a theory, British publicists Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan argue that there is more evidence that Hitler fled to Argentina than to end in a Berlin bunker.

“There are all the assumptions that Hitler is dead, but there is not the slightest evidence of his death,” said US General Dwight Eisenhower on October 12, 1945.

The official version of Hitler’s death never accepted Stalin as well. He at the Potsdam Conference argued that Hitler fled – “probably in Spain or Argentina”.

One US Senator even offered a million dollars to prove Hitler’s death, but no one ever got that money. The most recent director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, had until the 1960s kept records of reports of all cases when Hitler was seen. However, many FBI files on Hitler and Eva Braun have never been disclosed, as do those who guard British secret services.

The authors of the book “The Gray Wolf – The Outbreak of Adolf Hitler” believe that Hitler and Eve had fled on April 28, 1945, replacing the bunkers in the bunkers found by Reichsleiter Martin Bormann.

Hitler was replaced by Gustav Weber, and Eva Braun was one of the third-rate actresses of “Ergele” by Joseph Goebbels. Weber was Hitler’s twin since July 20, 1944, when he was trying to assassinate him in wolf cottage. The Führer was more seriously hurt than this was publicized. Weber even changed Hitler during the last official photography when he shared medals with members of Hitler’s youth on March 20, 1945, in the Garden of Chancellery.

As Hitler and Eve escaped, the two were acting for two days. After Bormann convinced Hitler and his wife were safe, the two were killed, most likely by the hand of Heinrich Müller (Gestapo), after which their suicide was staged.

At midnight on April 28, 1945, while the other occupants of the Führer’s bunker slept, Hitler, Eve, Blonde Sheepdog, Martin Bormann, and seven other trusted SSs quietly drifted through the bunker to Hitler’s private chambers in the chancellor’s old office building. There was a hidden escape tunnel there.

At the end of the tunnel, Hermann Fegelein, wife of Eve’s sister Gretl Braun, was waiting for them. He had earlier Himmler’s ‘Junkers Ju-52’ aircraft waiting for the group at the Hohenzollerndamm. The group came out of the tunnel at Fehrbelliner Platz where they joined Eva’s sister Ilse and Fegelein’s close friend, SS’s Joachim Rumohr, with her husband. From there, three tanks and two semifinals moved to the piste.

The Associated Press and Reuters published a conversation with pilot Peter Baumgart in 1947 who was then in Warsaw Prison. He argued that he had personally traveled to Hitler, Eve and her brother-in-law Fegelein from Berlin. Historians and researchers have ignored this fact until today, even though it was the report of the two most influential news agencies.

Baumgart received an order to fly to the airport in Tønder, Denmark, the former base of the Cepelin of the German Empire. The group then boarded another plane, which took them to Travemünde on the German coast. Evina’s sister Ilse decided to stay in Germany, as well as Rumohr and his wife. Fegelein’s wife, Gretl, was in a pudgy pregnancy, and they concluded that it was too dangerous for her to travel. They thought that later it would be time for a woman and child to join her.

The remaining members of the group embarked on an aircraft carrying them to Reus in Catalonia, an area that the fascist generals of France held in the iron clutch after the defeat of Catalan Republicans in the Spanish Civil War. The next station will be the Spanish Canary Islands (where there was a Villa Winter base) from where the class IX submarine would be. to go to a far away refuge – Argentina.


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