John Titor – Time traveler from 2026

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John Titor

John Titor

John Titor is a supposed time traveler from the year 2026 that started posting on several online forums during 2000 and 2001. In his posts he would talk about how he was a time traveler sent back from the future to help mankind prevent future trouble. Titor had many interesting claims about how time travel worked and talked about some of the paradoxes that commonly come up with time travel.


Titor talked about how in his timeline Y2K created great problems and that they had spent years rebuilding and restructuring after economic collapse they had shortly after the event. One of Titor’s main predictions was another civil war in the United States that would eventually lead to World War III in 2015. He mentions how the whole world will change and how we will be much more family oriented and closer to each other at this point.

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