JFK files are released-new details are discovered

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How it was mentioned, Donald Trump release the JFK files before deadline. He released 2.891 documents that were connected with Kennedy assassination, but he ordered over 200 documents from the bulk mail to be kept as a state secret for security reasons.

According to the initial announcement, it was expected that all 3,100 documents would be published yesterday, and Trump indicated that in the future it could change this decision and publish all the documents.

-“The public deserves to know as much as possible about the assassination. Executive departments and agencies have suggested that certain documents be edited in the interests of national security as well as for external political reasons. Today, I have no choice but to accept this editing to prevent irreparable harm to our national security from being inflicted,-President Trump said after retaining some of the documents as a state secret.

WikiLeaks responded by offering a $ 100,000 prize for publishing these remaining documents.

Thousands of journalists, historians and ordinary citizens have systematically searched for documents publicly available on the US National Archives website (www.archives.gov) yesterday. Some of the initial findings indicate that Kennedy’s killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, was under investigation by the FBI, but Jack Ruby, who shot Oswald two days after the assassination, was also investigated, thus preventing a more thorough investigation.

According to the published documents, the FBI investigated a leftist organization supporting Cuba, in which Oswald was active. The connection between Oswald and Cuba, and his trip to the Soviet Union, raised doubts that the USSR was involved in the assassination.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said yesterday that attempts to connect Russia with John Kennedy’s assassination are “savage insinuations” that cause “shock.”

“For decades, the information was marked with confidentiality … If even savage insinuations in the context of the Russian Federation are beginning to be started on this subject, we can only complain about it, because we want information, not disinformation,”– she said.

The documents contain information from the then Soviet Union stating that Kennedy’s assassination was received with shock and that the ringing of the churches across Russia was ordered in his honor. Taking into account the tense situation between the United States and the USSR, which was confronted with the Cuban nuclear crisis the previous year, some in the Soviet leadership believed that the assassination was the work of American generals who wished war with the USSR. One of the documents stated that Cuban leader Fidel Castro met with congressmen who were investigating the assassination in 1978 and denied the involvement of Cuban intelligence.

The files also contain information about President Kennedy’s wildlife, the parties he led with Frank Sinatra, Sam Davis Jr. and strippers.


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