Illuminati want to abolish nations and religions ?!

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Illuminati want to abolish nations and religions ?!

The Illuminati (Order) established in Bavaria was less than 10 years old, but there is hardly a conspiracy theorist who does not think that a secret society stands behind almost all the events that changed the history of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Theories of confusion existed since the Holy and Everyday. People seem to like to discuss whether our planet is ruled by the politicians we see every day on small screens, or behind them there are some powerful people out of sight, whose goals are unknown and which they do not hide.


One of the most frequently mentioned, and at the same time the most mysterious secret societies, is certainly illuminati. This name, which in Latin means enlightened or enlightened, is used for several real and fictional groups. Officially, the first of them were Bavarian Illuminati from the time of Enlightenment. Dr. Adam Weixhaupt, a former Jesuit and professor of church law, on May 1, 1776, established the Order of Illuminati within the existing Masonic lodge of Germany.

Work and ban

“The Illuminati were a secret society within a secret society,” wrote publicist Robert Anton Wilson, the most famous researcher of that secret society. “The Bavarian government banned their work in 1785, allegedly because of a conspiracy to oust all kings of Europe and popes from power. In this regard, everyone agrees. Everything else about them is very controversial. “For Weishaupt, he adds,” he is an atheist, mag Kabbalah, rationalist, mystic, democrat, socialist, anarchist, fascist, Machiavellian, alchemist, totalitarian and philanthropist. ” Since many of these terms are contradictory, it is clear that nothing really is known about him except that there are few scanty biographical data.

The situation is not very different when it comes to the society he founded.
– It was said to the Illuminati that those who dragged the end of the 18th century and started the French bourgeois revolution, like the American Revolution, to take control of the world, that the ideological creators of communism, the worshipers of the devil … Some they associated them with the Knights Templars, with the Greek and Gnostic sects, the ancient Egyptians, but also with Atlantis. One thing can certainly be said – the Weishaupt idea to be a secret society has succeeded because there are no two researchers of this secret society who fully agree on the organization or goal of that order – wrote Wilson.


New order

However, in almost every theory of conspiracy, there is the term new world order. He, according to numerous testimonies, was used by Adam Wayshaupt, but it was more often used only in the 20th century, after the First and Second World War. The new world order is even printed on a one-dollar banknote, just below the pyramid with all-round eye. According to theorists, the goal of the new world order is the establishment of a global state controlled by illuminates and in which there are no states, nations and religions, and individuals have no right to make any important decisions. What is unclear in this respect is that the Illuminati would want to control the world if, according to the theoreticians, it has been controlled for centuries.

Red osnovan u Bavariji postojao je manje od 10 godina, ali skoro da nema teoretičara zavere koji ne smatra da to tajno društvo stoji iza skoro svih događaja koji su menjali istoriju 19. i 20. veka

Many of the Illuminati were associated with the dark forces

Although the founder of the Illuminati was a Jesuit student and then a professor of church law, his opposition to religions led to this secret society in many writings connecting with Lucifer. The first proof of this, say the theoreticians, is only the name of the group. Illuminati means enlightened or enlightened, while the name Lucifer means the lucbon, or the one who brought the light. According to the claims, they consider that God did not allow Adam and Eve to acquire any knowledge, and therefore the snake convinced them to eat the apple tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Apparently, they adore Lucifer and when fighting the religions, they fight only against belief in God, but not against belief in his fallen angel.

Red osnovan u Bavariji postojao je manje od 10 godina, ali skoro da nema teoretičara zavere koji ne smatra da to tajno društvo stoji iza skoro svih događaja koji su menjali istoriju 19. i 20. veka


Građanski rat u SAD


– The first forms of illuminators originate in the ancient times, according to individuals
– Many conspiracy theorists believe that the illuminates are related to the Knights Templars, in the order that was created in 1118, and then prohibited by 1307, when they became incredibly rich
– In the 15th century in Spain, a sect that practiced a form of Christianity called alumbrados, which in Spanish means enlightened, emerges in Spain. Some theorists believe that Weixhaupt just renewed this sect
– In the 16th century the order of Iluminat became very strong in France
– The Illuminati launch the revolt of the American colonies against the British Empire in 1775 and stand behind the Declaration of Independence, published in 1776.
– The initiators of the French bourgeois revolution in 1789, one of the most important events in history
– They organized the Vienna Congress in 1815, which is the first attempt to establish a single world government
– Launchers of the First World War of 1914. Apparently, they stood behind both sides
– They stood behind the October Revolution in Russia, 1917.
– They bring power to Adolf Hitler and then push him into World War II, in which they control the other side
– Founded by the UN in 1945.
– They are blamed for all wars and assassinations after the Second World War
– They organized a terrorist attack on the United States on September 11, 2001.

Red osnovan u Bavariji postojao je manje od 10 godina, ali skoro da nema teoretičara zavere koji ne smatra da to tajno društvo stoji iza skoro svih događaja koji su menjali istoriju 19. i 20. veka



They’ll see the eye
According to conspiracy theorists, this symbol is the most famous symbol of masons and illuminates. The eye is about Lucifer, and the 13 steps of the pyramid are 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati, the families that rule the earth, while 72 bricks 72 are the names of the gods in Kabbalah. There is no evidence that the Bavarian Illuminati used the pyramid and the eyewitnesses around in rituals, but they used a circle with a point in the center as a symbol of order.

US dollar
A $ 1 dollar banknote is a symbol of the pyramid with the all-seeing eye, which connects with illuminates. At the bottom of the pyramid, the Roman numeral was inscribed in 1776. Although it was the year of declaring the independence of the United States, many theorists believe that it was the year of the establishment of the Bavarian illuminates.

The triangles made with frogs are one of the symbols of the Illuminati, according to conspiracy theorists. It is precisely because of the frequent display of this symbol, Singer Beyoncé is one of the public figures associated with this secret society.

Red osnovan u Bavariji postojao je manje od 10 godina, ali skoro da nema teoretičara zavere koji ne smatra da to tajno društvo stoji iza skoro svih događaja koji su menjali istoriju 19. i 20. veka

Official version of the prospect

– Founder of Adam Vajshaupt
– At the peak of their work there were about 2,000 members
– Their aim was to abolish the monarchy and the Pope’s institution
– Bavaria banned them in 1785.
– They were organized into the cells that were responsible to the Unknown Deputies

13 Family

Some theoreticians of the conflagration believe that the members of the 13 families are at the forefront of the Illuminati, and thus in the leading places around the world. Alongside them, the Holy Ghost and the 300 accompanying families that were organized in the Committee 300.
n Rotshild (Bauer) n Brus n Kavendiš (Kennedy) n De Mediči n Hanover n Habzburg n Krup n Plantagenet n Rokkefeler n Romanov n Sinkler (St. Kler) n Varburg (Del Banko) Vindzor

The British commentator developed his theory

A former goalkeeper and sports commentator David Ajk promoted one of the most influential theories about Illuminati. In his book, “The Greatest Secret,” published in 1998, came out with the statement that the Illuminati were actually members of the reptile race that came to Earth from a far-off planet.
Of course, as explained by Ajk, they can change shape and do not hide from us, but they are the most famous politicians, athletes, singers, actors … Among the Illuminate-reptiles counted Queen Elizabeth, Henry Kissinger, George Bush, Billy and Hillary Clinton …


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