Former Illuminati member: ‘we know and control the time’

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The Illuminati have been the subject of conspiracy theorists around the world for years. Now, perhaps for the first time, we get a real picture of what’s happening inside that secret society because of the testimony of one of their former members

The former, alleged, Illuminati member claims to have been recruited at the age of 19 but had to claim to leave this secret society after a meeting.

The Illuminati has spent 47 years.

He argues that former US President Barack Obama is not a member of the Illuminati but also reveals that world leaders are preparing to see the Third World War in specially designed bunkers. One of the bunkers is, as he says, below the airport in Denver.

“There are 439 such bunkers all over the world. All of them as well as the bases are used and controlled by the Illuminati. The largest of them is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It can accommodate up to 5,000 people and can be accommodated in a period of 10 years.

I was personally in that bunker and it’s bigger than anything you can imagine. The bunker is designed for the 5,000 richest, most intelligent and powerful people in the world who would be protected from the thermo-nuclear war, natural or any other global disaster, “he says.

According to him, key figures in history such as Leon Trotsky, Abraham Lincoln, and Saddam Huissein stayed in that bunker during times of great conflict.

Another theory he says is that the Illuminati found a way to “exclude the Sun”, while HAARP is used as a weapon that controls time and is stationed, as he claims, in Alaska.

“You’ve all heard about HAARP. It’s true, I assure you, “he says.

He also states that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is a member of the Illuminati and governs Asia.

While one argues that it is a man who wants to draw attention to himself by inventing such things, conspiracy theorists have stood in his defense claiming he is telling the truth.

If only one thing the former Illuminati is telling is true, one should imagine deeply for our future.


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