Glastonbury Tor – a portal in a different dimension ?!

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Glastonbury Tor – a portal in a different dimension ?

Some 200 km from London, in the south of England, there is a place that many consider sacred. It is believed that the descendants of the Atlantean lived there and that a time gate was built there. Glastonbury, a small town in the province of Somerset in England, has for centuries been a cult place of mystical power and inexplicable phenomena. The center of all of them is a pitiful hill Glastonbury Tor, which is translated from English to the top, about which the legends circle to represent a gate or portal – between two dimensions.

Glastonbury - Tor

Exactly or not, all the greatest legends and mysteries of the world, from Atlantis, the Stone Age, the Prairie, the Druids and the Grommets, meet up to this place, to the legend of King Arthur and the Holy Grail …

Descendants of the Atlantic

Even without myths and slanders, the position and form of Glastonberts Tower are intriguing enough to be the cause of various interpretations, and the official doctrine has no reliable evidence of the emergence of this hilltop.

The scientists have evidence that Tor was a sacred place even in megalithic times, 4,000 years ago, while recent finds indicate that lavirin was formed even earlier, 8,000 years ago. Also, some geological surveys have proved that the hills were not naturally produced.

Sermons say that this part of England was connected to Atlantida in the past, after whose disappearance they were left to live the offspring of the Atlanteans. They were known as excellent engineers, but also excellent acquaintances of the Earth’s energy streams through which they realized their connection to the cosmos.

The same myths and legends speak of the triangle formed by Stounhendž, Ejvberi and Glastonberi Tor, that is, their stone monuments, which make up a powerful energy node – so-called. planteran chakra. It is believed that the grassy terraces of Glastonberi Tor are precisely the part of an ancient seven-lane lavender, which served to raise the level of energy to the descendants of the Atlantic, the first inhabitants of this area.

Seven levels and chakras

In the view of the historian, the Pyramidal form of the Glastonberi Tower terrace is almost identical to the sketches of the lion found on antique coins from Kriti and sketches of ancient Indian Indians.

There is no doubt about the geologists who say that Tor did not originate in nature, confirming in this way the assumptions that the terraces that make up the lioness are the result of the conscious act, that is, that they had to arise artificially …


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