Do ghosts really exist?

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Do ghosts really exist?

Those who believe in paranormal (ghosts) say that skeptics simply mute and do not see the evidence they have before them. Others, however, claim that each paranormal phenomenon has a rational explanation. Who is right? And where are the evidence?

Ghostly woman with candle reaching out

For thousands of years, people have been asking the same question: do ghosts exist or are the fruit of imagination and illusion in the moment? In spite of numerous testimonies and stories that span the past, definitive evidence does not yet exist.


However, in the past decade, numerous studies of paranormal phenomena have provided a wealth of material that many believe to be the ultimate and unpopular evidence of the existence of ghosts. Most of them collected so-called. hunters of ghosts who spend their time on (supposedly) rotten places with a lot of equipment hoping to help them establish the existence of ghosts and possibly contact them.

Hunters on ghosts

On the list of researchers of paranormal events, popularly called ghost hunters, it is probably the first association of Ghost Busters (Ghost Busters). Others will probably fall prey to this parapsychologist in the film “Poltergajst: House Spirit” (Poltergeist). However, what we are now thinking of are the teams of researchers of paranormal activities that we have seen over the last few years on cable television channels (History) and numerous documentary serials.
One of these examples, probably the most reputable of all, is the Ghost Hunters series that appeared in 2004, which, in the first few broadcast season, has shown incredible evidence of paranormal activity. After that, many other research organizations have emerged, first across the United States, and then around the world. New, paranormal madness is born …

Entertainment industry or …

After this, other series “Ghost Adventures” came in 2007 with a documentary titled “Ghost Adventures: The Beginning” (Ghost Adventures: The Beginning). It is in this film that two of the most spectacular proofs of the existence of ghosts have been collected so far: images of full-size ghosts are followed by the room-makers at the rate, and the bricks that rise from the floor and fall into different parts at their own discretion. In addition, a number of other shows and series appeared, each with their own specific approach to the paranormal research.

And although many of these documentaries have succeeded in presenting some pretty convincing evidence of the existence of these entities, what is common to everyone and equally undermines the truth in their credibility is the fact that they are the product of the TV industry. And how easy it is to believe in the integrity of people who are so passionate about their work, it’s pretty difficult to make up for something we see on television channels. Only this fact makes me suspicious of what the researchers really find and find …


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