Man Captures Evidence of a Ghostly Skeletal Apparition

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Man Captures Evidence of a Ghostly Skeletal Apparition

A woman named Alana C. believes that a picture taken by a friend of her’s, shows the image of a ghostly entity reflecting off of her television. Alana claims that her friend took this image of his girlfriend while lying on a futon. They just noticed the creepy addition to the photo when they got the picture developed. They shockingly noticed the reflection of the shadowy skeletal figure.

They claim that they saw nothing out of the ordinary when the picture was taken. Alana says that from that day on, her friend starts to sleep with the light on.


However, Alana’s friend decided to sleep with all the lights off. He reportedly woke up later that night and saw a figure float across his bedroom and disappear into his closet. The ghostly figure doesn’t appear to be a Photoshop edit or an optical illusion. This picture could be real and genuine.

Do you believe that this photo shows a genuine ghost apparition?



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