Adolf Hitler was a rich millionaire before he fled to Argentina

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On the day of his suicide, Adolf Hitler wrote a secret message in which everything left the strangers, but claimed to be poor and billions were already in Switzerland.

Adolf Hitler saved hundreds of millions of pounds into bills in several Swiss banks for which German citizens never found out.

On the day of his “suicide” Hitler wrote a secret testament in which everything left the strangers, and claimed that he was poor and billions were already in Switzerland.

Namely, as Daily Mail writes, historians have tracked money through tax documents and bank documentation. They estimate that Hitler has squeezed the fortune of 1.1 billion at the time, which corresponds to today’s 3.6 billion pound worth.

During his lifetime, the Nazi leader assured the Germans to earn only a little money and no bank account. Part by not paying taxes.

Thus, Hitler managed to shed 1.75 million pounds before the law came into force that he was exempt from tax allowances.

His book Mein Kampf, who he was writing in jail, brought him a profit of one million marks a year, after deciding that he would get one pair of books for every couple in Germany, and the book was paid – the state.

Historians argue that the German dictator has secretly wrote a will on the day of his death, hoping to deceive German citizens in the absence of anything.

In that five-page testament, Hitler slandered the Jews, and on three pages he presented himself as a complete defeat.

“All I have, I leave to a stranger,” wrote Adolf Hitler who also asked for his cousins to be insured from the state to continue to remain a middle class.

The witness and executioner of the testament was supposed to be his personal secretary and Nazi Martin Boromann, but he was killed shortly after Hitler killed himself. Allied soldiers discovered the Hitler testament when a Nazi tried to get him out of the country, hiding in a jacket.

Herman Rothman, a retired British spy, was among those who discovered the Hitler testament.

“We were shocked. He wanted to show the German people that he had nothing and that he was completely devoted to the state and to the welfare of citizens, which was not true. Hitler really loved the money, “Rothman said.

How much he liked it, is also shown by the fact that the Nazi leader’s author protected his image so that he always made a profit if, for example, a letter with a postmark with his face.



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