Elon Musk talks about Tesla’s solar roof

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”Tesla’s Solar Roof To Cost Less Than A Regular Roof – Even Before Energy Production,”
– says Elon Musk

During the special shareholders meeting to approve the merger with Solar City,Elon Musk made quite the announcement. There he said that the solar roof and that he now feels confident that they could deliver the product at a lower cost than a regular roof, even before energy production.

He claimed totally opposite from company claiming before meeting.

That’s so brave claim, because if it turns out to be true, no homeowner would have any reason not to choose a solar roof when buying a new roof.

When the Must and Tesla officials present the new product, they referred to the solar roof’s price as “less than the price of a regular roof when accounting for energy generation” – meaning that it will cost less than a regular roof when you account for your savings on your electricity bills.

Solar roof today is competitive on several markets. As an upfront investment, while the price of the solar roof could be more expensive than a regular roof, those electricity savings would quickly add up and made the product competitive with normal roofing solutions.

But, nowadays claiming is that solar roof is cost less than a regular roof.

During the meeting, Musk said: It’s looking quite promising that a solar roof actually cost less than normal roof before you even take the value of electricity into account. So the basic proposition would be ‘Would you like a roof that looks better than a normal roof, last twice as long, cost less and by the way generates electricity’ why would you get anything else.”

He added “That’s including the labor costs and without subsidies for solar”.

The CEO claimed that it is achievable because the current roofing supply chain is “incredibly inefficient”, emphasizing that no one looked at the roofing supply chain for a while. He also repeated  some comments made recently by Tesla CTO JB Straubel about the cost of products being linked to their weight when produced in volume.

He said that the glass developed by Tesla for the solar roof tiles weigh “a third, a quarter and sometimes even a fifth” of other current concrete and ceramic roof solutions. Musk calculated that because of the weight and fragility of the current products, logistic costs and breakage are important parts of the total cost.

Musk added that there are “huge gains” to be made by “cleaning up” that supply chain. While it remains to be proven, it has the potential to significantly accelerate the deployment of solar capacity by opening the market to homes that need to have a new roof, which is 5 million homes every year in the US alone.

The end price to the customer will obviously vary depending on the price of the house and the difficulty of the installation.

Tesla started producing the solar roof in volume this year. The company unveiled 4 different versions of the product and it plans to release them one or two at a time for 2017.



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