The Story Of Paul Amadeus Dienach, A Man Who Fell Into A Coma And Woke Up In The Year 3,906

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This is a strange story. Paul Dienach, traveled trough time, while he was in coma for a year. His soul spend one year in body of another person in the year 3,906. All he have heard and seen is written in “Chronicles of the Future”. This the book contains diary of a man who never intended for his words to be revealed to the world.

This is the one things that changed Dienach life. But many people will thing that this is great delusion.

Dienach was a professor in Central Europe. He lived at beginning of the last century.  He have never believed that he would become a writer or that he would traveled through the time.

It all begins when he was victim of epidemic of lethargic encephalitis. And as a result of that he ended in a comatose state. He stayed one year in hospital in Geneva.

When he woke up, he started to write his diary. He said that he was awake along that year and have experienced something unbelievable.

He wrote that he was in body of one person named Andrew Northman, who lived in year 3906. Andrew had serious accident and he was near-death experience. When he (Northman) wake up, he doesn’t recognized member of his family and spikes on unknown language. And he is unable to sleep.

But people around Nothman realized that it is another soul in his body. Then they decided to tell him everything that had happened in the world last two millennia.

People of the future also told him that in the world will appeared new species of human beings named Occidantalis Novus.

After one year spend in coma, he was afraid to tell people what have happened because people will considered like a madman. So he did not tell it to anyone.

Everything changed when Dienach moved to Greece.

At age of 36, his health get worse, and he decided to move in Greece at 1922. There he started to teaching German and French in school.

Among his students, there was a man named George Papahatzis. He described his teacher as a “ modest man who used to pay attention to details.”

After two years, his health get more worse, so he moved in Italy. Before he moved, he gave his diary to Papahatzis, to improve his German.

Dienach left and in 1924 died of tuberculosis. For his part, Papahatzis translated the text over a period of 14 years, from 1926 to 1940. At first, he thought it was a novel, albeit a very rare one. But as he advanced he realized that what he was translating was, in fact, a dairy—one that would forever change that what we think is possible and impossible.





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