The cloaked house in Ohio

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The cloaked house in Ohio

Mudhouse Mansion is a house located in Lankaster, Ohio

The Mudhouse Mansion House is located in Lankaster, Ohio, and is rumored to be robbed. The house has not been officially inhabited since the 1930s – although it is suspected that the transitions lived in that area at that time.

As is the case with many abandoned property, there is a great legend associated with old houses. Residents living in this area have already associated with urban legends surrounding the famous Mansion, and despite the fact that house owners have said they will prosecute offenders, Mudhouse is still a popular location for “legends search” (where people go to allegedly persecuted place as a seance / to test their courage).

The Mudhouse mansion was built in the 1800s, and around 1920, the house was sold to the Hartman family. In 1930, the then patriarchal family died, and even though the descendants of Hartmann’s family owned land today, the house itself has been abandoned more than 80 years ago.

One of the most popular folk stories associated with an abandoned house refers to an extremely cruel celebrity owner who lived in the house after the Civil War. A robber was in question who obviously treated his slaves as junkies – his cruelty was considered brutal even in an environment where the slaves considered him inferior to man. Robots were often locked overnight in the second auxiliary building instead of being allowed to remain in the relatively comfortable neighborhood of the main estate.

One of the slaves was offended by the unbearable cruel treatment that he and his boys decided to be reprimanded. Every night, he dig the tunnel from the main estate’s toilet. and finally ended up in the end. a bad night, he made the way out of the toilet, to the villa. When he entered the villa, he slapped the slave, along with the entire family who lived in the house. The legend says the family stayed in the house, and was scoffing to this day.

The story goes on, in fact – the locals living in the area talk about the family who eventually bought that house at the beginning of the 19th century. At that time, the nuns saw the family moving away – unloading the furniture and relocating things to the house.


Then something unusual happened. The newly-moved family has simply disappeared – neighbors have never heard or seen them ever. Initially, people thought the family just spent their time in the indoor space – but as time went by, there was no trace or voice since the family was seen, rumors began to spread. One neighbors claimed to see a woman dressed in white, who does not move, just stopping through the window on the second floor. Every time the neighbors looked, the woman was there – she was just staring blank.


After a few days, the neighbors decided to call the police – and on arrival, the police faced a terrible scene. A family of five members who moved only a few days ago .. were in the house again. But all five of them were hanging from the ceiling, dressed in white. The woman the video neighbor was probably one of them was not standing in the window. She was taller than the ceiling.

After this unfortunate incident, the house is abandoned – and no one has been living in Mudhouse Mansion ever since.

To this day, there are reports of strange or unnatural things happening in and around the house. Many people claim to have heard strange sounds coming from the house, and those who were brave enough to actually get in the house, finding it empty, heard the disturbing sounds, and saw the strange snouts in the room.

Keep in mind that the current owners of Mudhouse Villas are seriously faced with brothels. Obviously, not only are they trying hard to process those who land on their land, the owners apparently go so far away to hire guards to prevent people from crossing into those rooms. however, the police often appear in the house to catch offenders, so if you are interested in embezzling Mansion House and want to see it, be sure to be very careful.

Another terrible rumor about Mudhouse Mansion is that the original “Bloody Meri” lived there. There is a rumor that near the graveyard (Lukas Groblje) as they claim, Mary is buried there, so there may be a pronouncement of truth in rumors. For this reason, local children living in this area sometimes refer to the Mansion House as the “House of the Brave Sea”.


Today, despite the efforts of the family who owns the land, the Mudhouse House remains one of the most famous “haunted” locations in Ohah. Definitely, there should be an area of ​​interest for lovers of supernatural, and although we do not recommend anyone trying to actually visit the house, if it happens that you are in the area, it might be important to get the impression that the fairy is far away. Well, if you’re brave enough to cross over the police and ghosts, you can even see a woman dressed in white, looking out the window.


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