The book about Donald Trump, ‘Fire and Fury’ become the fastest selling book

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Journalist Michael Wolff, author of a book ‘ Fire and Fury ‘ that sharply criticizes Donald Trump has become the fastest selling book of fiction this year

The book jumped to the number one list at’s best-selling books in just a few hours after Guardian released the details printed in the book before coming to world bookshops.

The controversial book contains “pleasant dialogue” as well as “rich fantasy fantasy worlds”, according to literary critics.
Steve Bannon, a figure from the book, is presented as a former white house consultant, has the most prominent dialogues in the book.

In one scene “Bannon” criticizes a meeting by Donald Trump Jr. and campaign officials had a Russian lawyer in July 2016 in hope of obtaining information about Hillary Clinton.

“Even if you thought it was not a traitorous or non-violent act or” bad shit, “and I think it’s all three, you should have called the FBI right away,” said the fictionalized version of Bannon’s book.

'Fire and Fury'

Charles Harder, Trump’s Private Attorney, sent Wolff and his publisher, Henry Holt and Co., a letter on Thursday, demanding “withdrawal of the book and apology,” USA Today writes.

“Your disclosure of false and unfounded allegations about Mr Trump is, among other things, a liar, fake light cast on a person’s presidency and an invasion of privacy, unlawful interference in contractual relations, and an incentive for termination of the contract,” he writes in a letter.

The popular science-fantasy novelist Wolff thanked President Trump on Twitter’s attempt to block it:
“Late on Thursday night, the order was formed in Washington in front of a bookstore by curious citizens – and journalists looking for brothels – who were quick to read what the president did not want to read.”

Trump rejected the allegations from a book published on Friday as a pile of “lies, wrong interpretations, and non-existent sources”.

The book brings a dark image of a White House in which staff does not do their job, and the president and all the closest associates describe it as a childish person and ridicule him for the inability and inability to manage.

Trump’s Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson, who on Friday night said that he had never doubted the mental ability of Donald Trump to perform the presidency, was dismissed from the book.

Trump lawyers have tried unsuccessfully to stop publishing a book containing bombastic information about his mandate and claiming that Trump was unprepared for the presidency, to behave like a child and think that “everything has to be revolved around him.” (


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