B.O.B launches money-raising campaign to prove Earth is not round

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The knowledge that Earth is rounded due to the end of the Dark Middle Ages and the great geographic discoveries that were possible because the seamen were no longer afraid of falling from the Earth’s plate if they came to the “end of the world”

This knowledge influenced the accelerated development of cartography, navigation and shipbuilding, and introduced the world into the New Age.

But as we move to the west we can get to the east, so it might happen that we will soon return to the Middle Ages, at least by contemplating the contemporary followers of the idea that the Earth – not round.

One of the loudest advocates of this idea is the US repertoire B.O.B., the real name of Bobby Ray Simmons Jr., who claims that Earth is actually a form of disc.

Some proponents of the theory of flat Earth claim even NASA workers are keeping the edge of the world as people do not fall from it.

The US repertour for the purpose of gathering evidence for its allegations has launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise funds for satellite launch via the Internet.

“I’m launching GoFundMe because I want to send the satellite, if not more, as far as I can in the universe, or in the orbit if I can find the curvature,” he said through a video that he wanted to motivate the likes of him to give him money.

Namely, his contemporaries believe that the curvature of Earth’s balls should be more visible with the naked eye, if Earth were indeed round.

B.o.B. in his opinion is obviously not lonely, because his campaign for 60 days has supported 60 people with nearly two thousand dollars.

His original goal was to raise $ 200,000 but increase him to $ 500,000 in order to set the final goal (for now) to as much as $ 100 million.


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