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The Bermuda Triangle or The Devil’s Triangle or even ‘Satan’s Triangle’ is the name given to the triangle shaped stretch of ocean that has Bermuda to the North, Miami to the West and Puerto Rico to the South. The region is thus named, because it is in this unusual stretch of the Atlantic Ocean that numerous aircrafts, ships and boats have either made mysterious disappearances or have disappeared and then reappeared in derelict conditions, minus their crews!
If you go by the official maps, such a triangle does not exist and in fact, it doesn’t even feature on Lloyd’s List as a high-risk maritime route! Yet, popular culture, which is always intrigued by mysteries and unsolved events, has not just a name for this mysterious region, but also several extraordinary stories associated with it. Here are 5 conspiracy theories associated with the disappearances that occurred in the Bermuda Triangle.


The most obvious and also the officially held reason for all or most of the unexplained disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle is human error. Unfortunately, in most aircraft or ship disasters, this is also the most cited of explanations in official enquiries. So while disbelievers have numerous theories to argue against the human error factor, many believe that if not human error, at least human stubbornness to follow orders over personal sense or logic may have caused the downing of some planes and ships that went missing here. For example, when businessman Harvey Conover lost his sailing yacht in the Bermuda Triangle in 1958, it was completely his fault to have chosen to sail in the midst of a South Florida storm!


The fact that compass readings go haywire in the Bermuda Triangle region is something most conspiracy theorists rely on to back up some of the more unbelievable alien UFOs and extra-terrestrial or paranormal activity theories and claims. Yet, science actually has something interesting to say on this. There are quite a few places on earth where a standard compass does not point to the North, such as the mountains of the Gobi desert that have natural magnetic mineral deposits. Then there are the North and South Poles, where the compass fails to point at the true North, and one other is the Bermuda triangle region. So of course, when some of the last words from the people who disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle were ‘the compass is going haywire, or the compass is ‘changing’, science can definitely confirm these to be true!


A lot of theories regarding the Bermuda Triangle disappearances revolve around the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream is a major ocean current that runs from the Gulf of Mexico into the North Atlantic through the Straits of Florida. This current driven by thermohaline circulation acts more like a river than an ocean, by achieving the speeds of 2.5 meters per second. Any wreckage debris or even an aircraft that had to make an emergency water landing here could easily be pulled miles away from its reported position in a matter of minutes. Making things worse are some of the world’s deepest trenches which lie beneath these waters, some as deep as 28,000 feet. One may imagine that should something fall to these depths, it would indeed disappear forever!


A lot of theorists believe that the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle are due to the methane hydrate deposits found under the ocean beds on the region’s continental shelves. Most laboratory experiments have confirmed that the bubbles caused by periodic methane bubble eruptions can sink ships by increasing the density of the water on which they float. Loss of buoyancy can happen unexpectedly and often without warning, causing ships to go down so rapidly that there is no way to send out SOS signals. Many argue however, that methane hydrate deposits are found in several ocean floors across the world and the Bermuda Triangle carries no greater risk to ships from methane bubbles than any other such place in the world. In any case, no significantly high methane gas releases have been noted in this region for the last 15000 years, at least none large enough to sink ships!


One lesser-known theory about what is really wrong in the Bermuda Triangle is the theory of gravitational ‘mascons’ or mass concentration of gravitation pulls. Just like everywhere else, every single inch of every single celestial body actually, there exists both positive as well as gravitational mascons. Though no one yet knows what causes them, it is a well-known fact that we all are probably sitting on them without even knowing it. While it is certainly very possible that the ocean floor of the Bermuda Triangle has such concentrated mascons, whether they are powerful enough to pull ships down to their doom is a topic worthy of great debate. Conspiracy theorists believe though, that considering the large waves that wreck havoc on this region, it is quite believable to understand that a ship could be pulled down while being in a deep wave trough.


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