10 People who have sold their soul to the devil

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There were always those who were trying to find more satisfaction, wealth and power in an easy way, and Listverse singled out 10 who turned to the devil to do so

Listverse singled 10 turned


10. Papa Silvestre II


Pope Silvester was one of the most prominent men of his time. He knew mathematics, astronomy, and mechanics.

He invented a clock with a pendulum and introduced Arabic numbers into use. He wrote books on mathematics, music, theology and philosophy.

He was the first Pope from France, and after his death rumors spread that he made a pact with the devil itself.

It is believed that these stories are inspired by his encounters with great minds from the Arab world.


9. Nikolo Paganini


One of the greatest virtuosos on the violin ever. At age 5 he began to play and compose, but in his youth he had problems with alcohol, and in the age of 22 he became the first music superstar.

For years, no one was able to glorify his famous caprices.

The audience believed that he made a pact with the devil, because there was no explanation for his unique technical abilities, and some claimed to have seen the devil helping him on the scene.

The Catholic Church did not allow it to be buried by custom, and its body was buried only 36 years after death.


8. Gilles de Rais

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He was considered very brave, smart and attractive, and he became the head of the famous British family already in the 20th year.

He quickly grew rich, but quickly lost his money and power, so he was trying to experiment with the occult.

A man named Francesco Prelati promised him the return of wealth if he sacrificed children to a demon called Baron.

He killed, tortured and raped over 100 children, and when caught, he was simultaneously hanged and burned.


7. El General Jonathan Moulton


Known fighter in English wars, he made a pact with the devil, to fill him once a month with gold boots, in exchange for the soul.

The legend says that Molton had pulled the bottom of the shoe and placed them above the hole in the ground, so he devoured the devil.

When the devil discovered it, he killed him, and his body disappeared from the suitcase and replaced with the figure of the devil.

The house he built burned to the ground.


6. Father Urbain Frandier


A French Catholic cleric who was burned on a fever due to wicker debris.

He did not respect celibacy, but had affairs with many women and gained the reputation of a great lover.

A group of nurses accused him of losing them, deceiving the devil, and making her a liar.

Thereafter, he found a document signed by several demons, written back in Latin, and with the signature of Satan himself.


5. Giuseppe Tartini


Italian composer and violinist, but did not compose church music and opera, but only violin concerts and sonata.

The famous work is “The Devil’s Sonata,” and the story of her starts with a dream in which Tartin has turned to the devil and asked him to be a servant.

The devil was in the dream of a composition that left Tartini’s breathless, and when he woke up, he immediately wrote and heard what he heard.

The audience was delighted, but he still maintained that it was far from what he had heard in his sleep.


4. Cornelius Agrippa


The most authoritative writer of Renaissance esoteric studies, studied law and medicine, and dealt with magic, occultism, theology, and alchemy.

He was a lawyer for women’s rights, and he wrote three books on the occult that are still used and read today.

After dying, he was rumored to have called the daemons, and the most famous story is that he was caught in a black dog’s bed, which later appeared in many legends about the devil.


3. Robert Johnson



Legendary American Bluzer, which is by Roling Stoun the 5th best guitar player of all time.

The legend says he wanted to become the best guitarist, and that he had met the devil at the crossroads, giving him as a part of the pact incredible guitar skills.

Jason has never disputed that rumor, and described the encounter with the devil in the famous song “Crossroad”.


2.Johann Georg Faust



He was a traveling alchemist and astrologer at the time of the Renaissance in Germany. His life was the theme of Gete’s novels describing that Faust invoked the devil to make a pact with him.

By agreement, the devil was supposed to return his soul after 24 years of service, but Faust patted after 16 years and wanted to break the deal.

But the devil was not in the mood for the same, and killed Faus.

1.Teofilus Adanski


An Envoy in the 6th century who made a pact with the devil in order to gain a high ecclesiastical position.

The story is significant because it is the oldest story about a pact with unchaste.

Theophilus was chosen for the chief clergy but withdrew from humility, so that after the newly elected secretary withdrew the title of an archbishop he patted and asked the wizard to allow him to meet Satan.

In exchange for help, the devil asked that the priest renounce Jesus and the Holy Mary, and that the pact be signed with blood, which he did.

After pardoning, he demanded the forgiveness of the Virgin, and the contract he had given him brought him to the old priest, to whom he had all admitted, and who then destroyed the contract.


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